We provide you with all tools you need for trading in the best way, in Dealerify. You can easily use the auto-trading tool, copy-trading tool, manage all positions so easily, you have all tools for technical trading and so far. In fact, Dealerify is a professional and easy trading and copy trading platform that uses for the development of the social trading industry in the cryptocurrency, which we intend to help by providing diverse and attractive services in this field to all traders operating in the attractive world of digital currencies. Use modern technologies and attractive and interesting facilities to have more successful trades.

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We have provided free facilities for all our users at the beginning of entering the Dealerify for 7 days, so that they can get acquainted with the conditions of the platform and its features and benefits at no cost, and easily test us. This will help you make the best choice. We are sure that the features of this platform will amaze you.


The important thing about Dealerify is that it transforms the whole trading space of indistinct space full of numbers, into a delicate and harmonious space, and you can see the meaning of the forest at a glance by seeing your position on a dynamic space. See all your positions in your portfolio on one page and make any decision you want for each of them as soon as possible.


Auto-trading is one of those useful tools for you who are a newbie in the world of cryptocurrency and trading. You can use this tool to connect to vendors and easily use their strategies and signals.


One of the best services in Dealerify, for professional traders is the possibility of trading and managing up to 20 accounts simultaneously by accessing one account instead of multiple accounts in a very simple and practical space, and by managing a position of 20 accounts. This is actually a very useful and noteworthy possibility for people who have the power to perform portfolio management services and want to manage multiple accounts. This feature is called “Copy-Trading” in Dealerify.


Dealerify allows people who do not have adequate trading experience yet, and want to trade in a real space to use the paper trading in the live and real market to examine if it is possible for them to do this on a real basis.This means that you can trade in the real market with unlimited virtual capital, and master all the trading techniques and techniques until you are sure that you are ready to enter this market with your real capital.

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One of the most useful and significant features of Dealerify is that you can set your signals without blocking your asset by the exchange. You know it’s the rule of exchanges that block your asset whenever you order your signal before entry. But in Dealerify you can set how many signals you want and your asset doesn’t change till that signals get to the entry point you set. So you can give more profit with fewer assets and manage your position perfectly.


According your plan in Dealerify, you can connect another account to your account and manage them. In Basic Plan you can add 2 account with your account, in Pro Plan you can add up to 10 account and in Portfolio Plan you allowed to connect up to 20 account.


According your plan in Dealerify, you can connect how many exchanges that you have to your Dealerify account and trade with them easily. In Basic Plan you can add 2 account with your account, in Pro Plan you can add up to 10 account and in Portfolio Plan you allowed to connect up to 20 account.


At Dealerify, we make calculations for you easily, and when you set your signal, you will include all the amounts of profit and loss based on the amount of capital, and if the stop loss limit that you set in your signal was in the liquidity range. The platform will not allow you to publish this signal and you will have to reset your stop loss. In this way, risk management will be easier for you and you will never be liquidated based on wrong calculations. So enter the trades safely.


According your plan in Dealerify, you can connect another account to your account and manage them. In Basic Plan you can add 2 account with your account, in Pro Plan you can add up to 10 account and in Portfolio Plan you allowed to connect up to 20 account.


We have several vendors in Dealerify with different strategies in trading. You can analyze them easily and join as many of them as you want.


ُThe policy of this platform is that for the security and convenience of its users, no access is taken to your exchange account or wallet and you only connect your exchange API to the platform. So trade safely and make sure your capital is safe in your exchange.


For people who have just entered the world of trading, it is a very simple tool to be able to analyze and trade in an integrated platform without the common difficulties in the analysis. They do not need to analyze in one platform and trade in another. They no longer need to write down the numbers want to trade with, no longer need to always remember whether they have reached support and resistance levels or whether you have saved enough profits


In this platform you can earn more money by publishing your signals in addition to the trading method. This requires you to publish useful signals in your Vendor panel to encourage more users to join you. In the first step, your vendor panel is private and you can send the link to your friends and acquaintances to join you. But if you want to join our public vendors panel, you have to let us check your signals and join the Dealerify vendors club if we meet our conditions.

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One of the great features of Dealerify is that you can determine the minimum and maximum amount of funds you want to involve in each position. This is an advantage that will make you more flexible in managing your assets. So if you are using the auto-trading mode of the platform, you must remember to set this feature before your trades so that your capital will enter your vendor signals based on the amount you want.


You no longer need to spend time to calculate your profits and losses. On the Dealerify platform, we automatically perform these calculations for you, and calculate the profit and loss of your spot and futures signals on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis, and provide them to you in detail. So you can easily consider yourself and check your progress or decline, and thus test your trading strategy and capital management.


In the world of trading, you need to constantly monitor the market so that you can have good hunts for currencies at reasonable entry prices. But this is not always possible and you can not check all the currencies you have in mind in the long run and it is quite clear that this is very time-consuming. But we have made this possible and easy for you in Dealerify, and you can enter the desired pairs and their price conditions with the help of the ALERT feature, and the Dealerify smart platform will notify you as soon as these conditions are reached. This way you can be a great hunter in this market and make great profits.


You can see the balance of all your exchange accounts as updated on the Dealerify platform. This access is available for all accounts connected to the platform. Your Spot and Futures account balance is being updated separately and continuously. This access can be seen both in the dashboard and in the exchange account section. We have provided all the features and tools for you on this platform together so that you do not spend extra time checking accounts on other platforms and accounts.


To use Vendor signals, you can also activate the auto-trading option and allow the Vendor to trade any signal it wants with any percent of your fund. But you can also use Vendor signals and analysis by using only the alert signal and deactivating your auto-trade vendor option. In this case, all vendor signals will be sent to you and displayed in your panel, but they will not be traded for you, and you can trade any signal with any amount of your asset you want, and manage capital and risk just by yourself.


What could be better than following the market when you are not on the chart and doing other things? Dealerify notifies you at any time of critical conditions for your signals. The entry points, all TP and stop-loss hit for all your signals, announce via SMS or email alert to your mobile phone. These conditions will ease your mind to a great extent from the condition of your signals and make it easier for you to save profits and manage assets. So think more profitably even when you are away from the chart and the system.


At Dealerify, we attempt for clarity and honesty. All vendor performance reports are clearly placed in their profiles. You can even see their signals and see the profits and losses without any manipulation. For us, the highest profit and satisfaction of our users is a priority, so be sure to have real and honest reports.