What is Dealerify?

Dealerify is a professional platform for trading, copy trading, and auto-trading. There are so many diverse and significant services on this platform that can be useful for each level of trading.
On Dealerify You can manage all your positions in your portfolio on one page swiftly and easily, also you can use auto-trade mode to trade like a professional.

Who is a vendor?

In Dealerify expert club, we have so many knowledgeable and dependable traders that publish their trading strategies and guide others in trading, give them profitable trading signals, and manage the risk of investment. If you have less experience or no enough time for trading, you can join to a vendor and use their expertise.

How can I join to Dealerify as a vendor?

If you are an experienced and reliable trader and have ability to manage other  people’s assets, so why don’t you join to our expert vendors club and earn more money? You must create at least 20 signals of spot and futures and add them to your trade accounts.(Minimum fund 50$ for each position) also we need to see your analysis in charts, and tell us to check out. you can be a vendor so easily.

how to subscribe to a vendor?

There is an extensive list of so many expert vendors on Dealerify vendor club that you can see their performance, check their profit&loss, and compare them with each other before choosing them. There is a monthly, quarterly and annual membership for each vendor. After choosing your suitable vendor and membership period, you can click on the subscribe button and pay the invoice and join the vendor. Just as easily.

How many vendors can I subscribe?

There is no limit to the number of Vendor memberships in Dealerify, you can join to any number of Vendors you want.

How to subscribe to a Dealerify plan?

In the plan section in your Dealerify account, you can see 3 group of our plan, which are provided monthly, quarterly, and annually.
You can read the features of each plan on this page and choose and buy the most suitable one.

What is basic plan?

Basic plan is appropriate for individual trading and learning. This plan consists of all Personal trading features, You can use it for up to 2 Exchange Accounts and 2 Copy Trading Accounts.

What is pro plan?

Pro plan is perfect for professional traders. It consists of all basic account features, use for up to 10 Exchange Accounts and 5 Copy Trading Accounts.

What is portfolio management plan?

This plan is perfect for portfolio managers, which consists of all Basic Account features, use for up to 20 Exchange Accounts and 20 Copy Trading Accounts.

How can I use Auto-trade mode?

To use the Auto-Trade feature, you must have one of the Dealerify plans and also subscribed to a vendor to use their signal. So you can activate the auto-trade feature for your account and set the amount of fund you want to trade for each signal. now you can sit back and profit.

How many accounts do I copy trading?

It depends on the type of plan you have in Dealerify. For the Basic plan, this number is 2 accounts. You can copy 5 accounts for Plan Pro and up to 20 accounts for Portfolio.

How many accounts can I do auto-trading?

It depends on the type of plan you have in Dealerify. You can auto-trade 2 accounts for the basic plan, 10 accounts on the Pro plan, and up to 20 accounts for Portfolio.

How to connect an exchange account
First of all you must create an API in your exchange account and then connect that to your Dealerify account.
Go to your exchange account, click on your profile and select Api Management. Click on Create API. Do the instruction till getting your API.
Now go to your Dealerify account, and in Exchange accounts in the dashboard click “connect now”
Select your exchange from the list and paste your API Key, API Secret and Passphrase.  After that, your exchange account is connected to Dealerify.
How to delete an exchange account?

This is very easy. Just go to the “Exchange Accounts” section on your Dealerify account and enter the manage of the desired exchange. There, you can easily delete the exchange from the Dealerify account by clicking the delete button.

Which exchanges are supported on Dealerify?

Currently, Dealerify can support three exchanges, Binance, KuCoin and Bybit. But we will add more popular exchanges soon.

How many exchange accounts can I connect to Dealerify?

It depends on the type of plan you have in Dealerify. You can connect 2 accounts for the basic plan, 10 accounts on the Pro plan, and up to 20 accounts for Portfolio.

How to create an API?
You can create an API for each exchange by following some easy instructions. We learn you how to do that in the best way on our blog. You can search your exchange on our blog and do the instructions.
How can I contact with Dealerify team?

You can contact our team through the support ticket that is in your Dealerify account and share your problems and comments with us. Also you can connect us by Email and WhatsApp: