How to be a “Vendor” on Dealerify?

If you are an experienced and proficient trader, and have the ability to manage other people’s assets, so why don’t you join our expert vendors club and earn more money? You can join the Dealerify Vendors Club in public or in private. To join Dealerify vendors, you must follow the steps below:


Go to the below link and create your vendor panel easily:

Vendor Register


Now you must complete your profile vendor panel and set the prices & percent. After that, you can send your panel link to others for subscribing to you.


if you want to be in public vendors you should publish at least 20 signals of the spot and futures and add them to your trade accounts. Then inform us via support tickets in your account. select the “Join as a vendor” category and send your request.


We will check out your signals and if they prove your ability for being a vendor in our team we public your vendor account in Dealerify and you can be a vendor so easily.