KuCoin Customer Identification and Verification Program- 2023

KuCoin Customer Identification and Verification

In a significant move towards bolstering regulatory compliance and enhancing security measures, leading cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin has enforced mandatory Know Your Customer (KYC) verification. Effective July 15, this program mandates the completion of KYC verification for all users accessing the platform.


Enhancement of KuCoin Customer Identification and Verification Program

According to the announcement, all users who register on the KuCoin platform on or after July 15 will be required to successfully complete the KYC process in order to unlock comprehensive access to the diverse array of products and services offered by the exchange. This development not only ensures regulatory adherence but also emphasizes kuCoin’s commitment to creating a secure and transparent trading environment for its clientele.

KYC is like showing your ID to use a service. This helps make sure everyone using KuCoin is really who they say they are. It’s a way to make the platform safer and follow the rules that are used around the world.

If you’re new and join KuCoin after July 15th, you’ll have to do the KYC process when you sign up. This will let you access everything KuCoin offers, like trading and services, without any issues. It’s a step to keep the platform secure for everyone.

If you joined KuCoin before July 15th and don’t do the KYC process, some things will change. You will only be able to use services such as Spot trading sell orders, Futures trading deleveraging, Margin trading deleveraging, KuCoin Earn redemption, ETF redemption, and won’t be able to use the deposit service. But don’t worry, you can still take out the money you have.

So, we suggest that complete the KYC process as soon as possible, which will grant you access to superior and more stable services. You can refer to the provided instructions below to successfully complete the verification.

How to Complete KYC Verification?

KuCoin KYC consists of Provide Personal Information (Level 1), Upload Photo of ID (Level 2) and Complete Face Verification (Level 3), you can view their respective daily withdrawal limit and account features by clicking the button on the right side of each level. Proceed to complete higher verification level, you will enjoy higher withdrawal limits and more platform features.

First log in to your KuCoin account and click ‘Identity Verification’ on profile section.

Kucoin KYC program

For individual accounts, please choose ‘Individual Verification’ and click ‘Verify’ button to start your verification.

Level 1:

For this Level you’ll need to provide information such as your full name, date of birth, address, and possibly more. Click “Verify” button on the Individual Verification screen, select your country/region and the certificate you are willing to verify with, and then fill in your personal information.

In this step, ensure that your country/region is consistent with your certificate and also all the information entered is consistent with your certificate.


 Level 2 and Level 3

For these two levels, you must “Submit Identification Documents” and then “Complete Face Verification”. In the below instruction, you can see how done this.

First step, you’ll need to upload scanned copies or photos of your identification documents.

Then, click ‘Continue’ and ‘Allow’ button to grant permission to access your computer camera, follow the instructions and put your ID in front of the camera, click the round button to take a picture of the front and back of your ID. You can also choose to upload a picture of your ID if your camera is unavailable.


After uploading the document photos, the system will ask for a selfie, please upload the photo. Next, you need to complete face verification, please make sure that it is clear, it is recommended that you do not wear any hats or glasses.


Make sure that:

  1. The ID is complete, clear and not blurred.
  2. The photo is not taken in the dark and there is no reflection of light.
  3. The ID is not covered or damaged in any way.

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