429000 Error “Too Many Requests”

Unfortunately, recently some of our users who use Kucoin exchange for their transactions, get an error and a few positions did not open successfully. Actually, this error that called “Too many requests” was from Kucoin server and not related to our platform and API. If you trade directly on Kucoin you may encounter this error, you can see this claim by other users all around the world and see the Kucoin respond by a simple search on the internet.

The good news is that we released an update 3days ago and solved this error. Simply say we fix that error by repeating your orders. We are hopeful that such errors don’t happen again for our users.
We provide you the documentation Kucoin API and you can see the result of this error that explains by Kucoin:
What does a “42900 Too Many Requests” error mean?
Error 429000 known as “Too Many Requests” happen when Kucoin server triggers the total traffic limit of this interface and too many requests on Kucoin in a given amount of time their server sends this error to you and wants to try later.

We provide more links about the “Too many requests” error here, if you need more information about this error you can read about that:




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