Second-Based Timeframes are added now

For making the best decisions, you need accurate and detailed information. So, we provide you with this information. We make it easier for you to monitor each price movement even tiny changes and hunt every fortune in the crypto market each second.

Dealerify platform now gives you accurate data on charts by adding a second-based timeframe. This feature makes it possible for you to track each movement that can be ignored by the other eyes. You have the flexibility to select any timeframe you want so can make more accurate entries and exits and can make the best decisions.

Our users and vendors are now able to use Second timeframes charts such as S5/ S10/ S15/ S20/ S30, minute-based charts such as M1/ M3/ M5/ M15/ M30, and hour-based H1/ H2/ H4/ H6/ H8/H12 and so daily and the weekly chart also.

Benefits of second-based timeframe charts

–         Second-Timeframe helps you to analyze the market more accurately.

–         Second-Timeframe gives you critical data.

–         Second-Timeframe helps you to react faster.

–         Second-Timeframe gives you accurate entries and exits.

–         Second-Timeframe allows you to see price fluctuations clearly.

–         Second-Timeframe gives the super-detailed data you need so quickly.

–         Second-Timeframe makes the chart real-time.

–         Second-Timeframe helps you to maximum profits

–        Second-Timeframe helps you to minimize your risks

Best timeframe for each trader

If you are just a newbie in trading and trying to learn strategies and analysis, a second-based timeframe gives you the best view of the market to see and track.

If you are a professional trader using a second-based timeframe gives you the edge you need to increase profits and minimize losses

If you are scalping second-based timeframe is an indispensable tool. You’ll be able to see extremely small movements and can get the signals so quickly.

If you are day trader second-based charts will help you identify market cycles and you will be able to minimize your risks in a better way and quickest time.

Enjoy this new feature and keep happy trading on Dealerify.