Auto-Trade Percent

How Auto-trade percent works?

Auto-Trade percent in Dealerify

If you use the auto-trade feature in Dealerify you must specify the amount of your asset that wants to be involved in the vendor’s signal, this purpose aims at “Auto-Trade Percent”. Your vendor determines this amount by “Fund” which shows in signal information published. You can also set a range for this situation for managing your asset more. We put the min of this range to 20$ and the max of this range to 1000$ by default. You can change those numbers to each you want. If the fund amount that vendor determines is less than the minimum of this range we buy the minimum amount for you and If the fund amount was more than this range we buy a maximum range for you.

How to specify Auto-Trade percent?

You can easily manage your involved asset for each signal and each exchange in the exchange section by manage item.

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