Best Vendor


You can easily see the performance of each vendor in his/her panel in Dealerify. We show you the profits or losses by the ring (green/red) and you understand which vendor can give you more profit. For more convenience in the selection, we set down the vendors in the vendor section respectively by best performance in last week and update this report continuously. We also show you the number of signals that vendors publish in 24h, 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, and 1 year. Hope you select the best vendor for yourself.

Go to the vendor section in your Dealerify account. In this section you see the vendor information such as number of their signals and profits or losses.

You can get an overview of Vendor performance by the order they have in vendor section and the number of their signal. But that’s not enough.

Now you must check all the signals that the vendors published in detail. You can find this information in the vendor profile that we designed for all our vendors. there are all their strategies and analysis in summary. By this you can understand if that vendor can manage your asset perfectly or not.

After all that, you can see the number of users join to each vendor, it’s can help you with your choice.