Paper Trading

What is Paper-Trading in Dealerify?

Paper-Trading in Dealerify

Dealerify has many possibilities for people and traders at different levels. For people who have just entered the world of trading, it is a very simple tool to be able to analyze and trade in an integrated platform without the common difficulties in the analysis. They do not need to analyze in one platform and trade in another. they no longer need to write down the numbers want to trade with, no longer need to always remember whether they have reached support and resistance levels or whether you have saved enough profits. They could see all this at a glance on their chart and be aware of their positions and the signs on the chart. Dealerify allows people who do not have adequate trading experience yet, and want to trade in a real space to use the paper trading in the live and real market to examine if it is possible for them to do this on a real basis.

Do Paper-Trading

If you want to do your trading in paper mode you must just don’t connect your exchange account when you are publishing the signal, So your signals will be traded in paper-trading mode.