What does mean “Signal”?

Signals in Dealerify

One of the most important and practical features of the Dealerify platform is the ability to place orders before reaching the determined entry point without blocking your asset by the exchange. This means that you can open as many signals as you want on this platform in the hope that it will reach the desired point, but your money is free to reach your first signal at the entry point and based on the percentage that You decide to deduct from your capital and buy that signal for you. Normally, for each signal you want to define, your capital must be blocked by an exchange until that signal reaches the entry point.
This feature is only possible on Dealerify and has been considered by many traders. So you can easily define any number of signals on this platform and rest assured that your money is free until you enter the position.

How does a Signal Work in Dealerify?

Each signal in Dealerify platform contains “Entry Points” (there are 2 entry points, low entry, and high entry), “ Target Points” ( you can easily add how many TP you want), and “Stoploss”.

– Entry Point:

An Entry Point is a price that you want to buy your pairs. you must set 2 points (entry zone) in Dealerify so you have more chance to reach entry in good time.

– Take Profit Point (TP):

A Take Profit (TP) is a determined price you want to sell your pairs. You can easily set how many TPs you want and set the amount of extraction of each of them and your profit is automatically calculated for you. You can also add the Take Profit after publishing your signal at any time while the trade is open.

– Stoploss Point:

A Stop-loss is an automated order to sell when your pair reaches a particular price. By setting a stop-loss Dealerify platform will automatically sell out your assets at that price you set and you can manage the risk in a bearish market.

– Liquidation Line:

In Dealerify you can also see another line when you are setting your signals, which we called the “liquidation line”, It calculates the liquidation zone for each signal and doesn’t allow to set stop loss in this zone. In fact, we prevent liquidation.

– Position Size

It is very important to set the signals with the proper position sizing and manage your risk of trading by managing your fund. You can adjust the fund amount involved to each signal easily in Dealerify and the platform calculates the risk amount automatically.